December 2022 Newsletter Vol. 22, No. 1

Restatements of Defined Benefit and Cash Balance

The IRS program to completely amend and restate all cash
balance and defined benefit pension plan documents under the
term “Cycle 3” will begin sometime in 2023 with all such
amendments and restatements being done by April 30, 2025. The
IRS requirement is that every Plan in the country has to be restated
about every six years and the “Cycle 3” documents are on that
schedule. In the coming months we will be sending you more
information on how you can retain us for that task.

Amendments for SECURE and CARES Acts

Interim amendments for the SECURE Act and CARES Act will be
required over the next couple of years. For most of those
amendments, we will just need to send you an amendment to file
in your document binder without your signature. For those that
require customization, those might need your signature


As part of the December 2022 Omnibus bill, a host of changes to
plans will be made. We will post more on that later


We have moved our offices from Culver City. Our addresses are
shown above. We greatly prefer mail be sent to the Lincoln Blvd
address for security purposes since the mail carrier leaves our mail
in the hall where anyone can steal it