Annual Administrative Services

PPP provides the following annual consulting administrative services as required by the Employer’s Employee Benefit Plan.

  • Data collection and review to determine employee eligibility, vesting and break in service status.
  • Defined Contribution Plans – Annual allocations of earnings, forfeitures, employer and employee contributions.
  • Defined Benefit Plans – Actuarial calculations to determine required contributions for the minimum funding standard account and the determination of accrued and vested benefits.
  • Review for top-heavy status under IRC Section 416.
  • Preparation of individual benefit statements for plan participants.
  • Report for employer summarizing annual work.
  • Preparation of master Summary Annual Report (“SAR”) for distribution to plan participants.
  • Preparation of PBGC Annual Report.
  • Actuarial Certification for Defined Benefit Plans.
  • Preparation of release forms to distribute benefits in the event of retirement, death, disability or termination of employment of a participant.